Our Advantages

  1. Our maintenance team is the very best in the industry.  Full service maintenance includes watering, trimming, cleaning, fertilizing and replacement of any plants that are not up to your standards.
  2. Constant assessment and reassessment of your plants and plant designs to keep your environment healthy and beautiful.
  3. We also offer one of a kind holiday designs, and d├ęcor, that include professional holiday installation and takedown. All of our trees are inherently fire retardant and being part of the green industry, we only use energy saving LED lights on our holiday trees, and wreaths. We can also keep your holiday product at our state of the art storage facility until the next season. Don't forget to ask us about our live Poinsettia color rotation.
  4. With our guaranteed plant replacement program, you'll never look at another unattractive plant again.
  5. We offer innovative and unique exterior flower and plant designs for your above ground planters, that will enhance the appearance and overall look of your business. Let us design your welcome mat to the public. Our above ground planters can help to highlight entrances and exits and draw people in the right direction.

Our Mission

  • Branching Out, Interiors, is a full-service tropical plant interior landscape design company located in Omaha, Nebraska.

    For over 30 years we have created interior landscape designs for public places and private spaces. Branching Out has provided tropical plant design and services for hundreds of clients in Omaha, Lincoln and the surrounding area.

    Invite us into your world to feel the benefits of both tropical beauty and healthy living.

    Branching Out plants are a living art that will always provide you with a breath of fresh air.

Our Professionals